Beyond the Data

National Labs talk Climate Risk Part 1

Episode Summary

The world’s climate is changing, or as Andy Bochman, Senior Grid Strategist, National & Homeland Security, for Idaho National Lab, likes to say we’re experiencing global weirding. Extreme weather events are occurring more frequently and with higher intensity, impacting the grid and exposing its vulnerabilities. How can utilities better prepare infrastructure for the changing climate and extreme weather events? This two part series on climate risk features Andy, and his colleague Tom Wall, Program Lead, Engineering & Applied Resilience, at Argonne National Laboratory who work with climate models to understand infrastructure resilience. In part one, Andy and Tom explain global climate models and how they downscale data to the local level to make it actionable.

Episode Notes

For more from Andy Bochman, join us at Utility Analytics Summit 2022 in New Orleans, May 10-12. Andy will be delivering the closing keynote session on May 12. His session, “Predicting the Future to Protect What Matters Most" will marry state-of-the-art climate forecast data with an emerging methodology for prioritizing protective and adaptive actions based on consequence.

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